Welcome Traveler,

Who Am I?

MaterialFuture ˈmətɪrɪəl fjtʊər/ - A programmer, UX Researcher, Writer, SysAdmin, and Software Developer. I create software that helps people's lives easier without compromising on their freedoms. I also write articles regarding my life as well as what I've learned in my professional life.

My Work

I work primarily on offline-focused applications and technologies that requires very little from the user to get working. In my work I've utilized Javascript and Crystal Lang to create offline and online applications. Examples of software projects I'm working on are listed on the projects page or on the portfolio page.

For non-software related work, I'm a User Experience researcher and write papers in regards to that. You can read my papers here or you can search the tags of my posts and find any relevant tags regarding my writings.

My Goals

My goals are constantly changing as I want to constantly improve so there's no end-goal just a constant and consistent pursuit towards bettering myself and others.

If you want to see what I'm up to at the moment check out my status page where I update it infrequently to reflect what I'm working on.

This Site

This site was initially a place for me to put my blog posts and links to things, but that has since changed. This site is also a personal wiki for personal and public use that defines different aspects of what I do. You can consider this site part Blog/Wiki/Resource for all of what I do.

I also try and provide links to software alternatives as well as useful links for people to link to and share.

This site is offline capable, running nicely on Lynx, and contains an RSS feed for posts, try it out.

If you're looking to contact me, read the contact me page.