My Library

This is a list of books I own organized by Read, Currently Reading, Dropped or just in the library.

This is just a simple CSV that I'll continue to update as time goes on. I have a good workflow going on with SC-IM (wiki page WIP), and I just have Zola handle the rendering of the static content. I will be writing about my workflow in a wiki page for Zola and perhaps a blog post.

This page lists the books I have with me currently. Due to moving around often I will have books in storage or at families' house. I list both physical and digital books I have, and once I have somewhere more permanent I hope to make a more complete list of all books.

Links to book reviews are listed here on the books category. Books liked below in purple will take you to the review linked to that book.

Want to discuss books? Want to complain about my taste? Contact me.

Status Title Author
Reading Let Over Lambda Doug Hoyte
Reading Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming Peter Norvig
Reading The Basic Works of Aristotle Aristotle
Reading Childhood's End Arthur C. Clarke
Reading The Foxfire Book Vol 1 Foxfire
Read Lindos ?
Read The Ethics of Greek Philosophers Hyslop, James Hervey
Read Beginner's Japanese Script Helen Gilhooly
Read Clojure for the Brave and the True Daniel Higginbotham
Read Riichi Book 1 - Mahjong Daina Chibi
Read Phone Losers Of America Brad Carter
Read Manga In Theory and Practice Hirohiko Araki
Read Essential Japanese Grammar Everett F. Bleiler
Read Plato: Five Dialogues Plato
Read Ruby on Rails Michael Hartl
Read Land Of Lisp Conrad Barski
Read Practical Common Lisp Peter Seibel
Read On Lisp Paul Graham
Read SICP - Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs Harold Abelson, Gerald Jay Sussman, Julie Sussman
Read Mastering Emacs Mickey Peterson
Read Linux Programming Interface Michael Kerrisk
Read Practical C Programming Steve Oualline
Read To Engineer Is Human Henry Petroski
Read The Hand And It's Mysteries Karma
Read Steal This Book Abbie Hoffman
Read The Portable Jung C. G. Jung, Joseph Cambell, et al.
Read Javascript: The Good Parts Douglas Crockford
Read 11/22/63 Stephen King
Read The Republic Plato
Read the Lost Book Of Enki Zecharia Sitchin
Read The Book Of The Law Aleister Crowley, Rose Edith Crowley
Read The Book Of Lies Aleister Crowley
Read The Prince Niccolo Machiavelli
Read The Earth Is Flat Thomas L Friedman
Read Rails Cookbook Rob Orsini
Read Moonchild Aleister Crowley
Read Learning PHP 7 ??
Read Front End Handbook KCC
Read Free as in Freedom 2.0 Richard Stallman, Sam Williams
Read The Dunwich Horror H.P. Lovecraft
Read Cult of the Dead Cow Joseph Menn
Read Linux In A Nutshell Ellen Siever
Read Philosophy 101 Paul Kleinman
Read The I Ching workbook R.L. Wing
Introduction to Algorithms Various Authors
Cosmos Carl Sagan
Steal This Computer 4.0 Wallace Wong
The Disaster Artist Greg Sestero
2001: A Space Odyssey Arthur C. Clarke
The Foxfire Book Vol 2 Foxfire