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New blog layout! Probably broke people that use RSS T^T
09-18-2022 13:00
Working on blog posts, look forward to some about homesteading, the Julia Language, and some new topics.
09-05-2022 17:35
Updating the site to look better, just setup a new Linux environment and changed machines. More updates to come with new posts.
09-05-2022 17:30
Redoing my music studio this month, so expect some new music coming soon. I hope to be more active on Soundcloud and YouTube.
06-09-2022 17:07
In reply to @ozanonay at Bradfield
Great article about UNPHAT philosophy in tech and not following FANG trends.
06-06-2022 08:02
Going to plan on minting my NFTs soon and then working on planning out new Patreon alternative for new project.
06-04-2022 10:50
Setup a mattermost setup for my company, going to setup integrations and RSS soon. Might write an article on the process soon.
06-03-2022 19:52
Recently swapped my computer case (+ fans) from MATX to ATX and getting on average 15-20C better temps, who would have guessed.
06-03-2022 17:45
In reply to @MaterialFuture
Posted a wiki article for finding Clojure jobs for people, next I'll be creating a writeup on specific tooling.
06-03-2022 10:10
In reply to @PixelJoint
This is great guide for pixel art online. Would highly recommend reading if that's of interest.
06-02-2022 21:30
Looking into Julia for graph visualization and big data stuff, loving how lispy it is.
05-31-2022 16:45
I've found that Joplin - through the help of plugins and rclone - is able to replace my org-mode workflow, plus has E2EE.
05-31-2022 12:10
Refreshed my website by including new templates and a new workflow so changes can happen faster and with less errors.
05-29-2022 14:45
Stayed up until 2am building this microblog, looks and works how I like. Next up is RSS and some styling changes.
05-28-2022 02:00