Present Day, Present Time

What currently doing and what I hope to achieve.

What I'm Learning or Learning More About

  • Ruby latest standards
  • Lisps
    • Clojure:
      • Clojure Core + on the JVM
      • Clojure for the Brave and the True - Book
    • Common Lisp
    • EmacsLisp or elisp
      • Creating Packages to extend tools I use
      • Configuring setting for TRAMP to access my server faster
  • Reading books regarding:
    • Clojure and Lisp Information
    • GUIX Package Manager and the GNU Operating System
    • Programming Theory and Design
    • System Administration with Ansible
  • Learning more about IPFS

What I'm doing

More Info About What I'm Learning

I've took a week long sabbatical from coding and focused on reading and learning more about functional programming while reading books such as Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (SICP) and currently Clojure for the Brave and the True. My focus being towards mastering theories and moving towards integrating Lisp into some web-based projects and moving forward on converting some tools from Crystal over to Emacs-Lisp for Practice.

This month I've updated my knowledge on Ruby and Vue.js create a boilerplate example for rendering code from a third-party source, this is something I hope to use on further projects.

If you're interested in what I'm reading you can see on my Library page as that is where I list all books I have that I'm reading or have read.

I'm thinking about taking a crack at Google's Lisp koans to try and improve what I know on Common Lisp.

Up Next...

I will be revisiting my Crystal/Amber ticketing system and finally fix the CSRF token issue to launch v1 and start using with clients. From this ticketing system I hope to break it down a bit and create a boilerplate or template project for others to use as I have a couple of uses for the codebase other than just ticketing software.

I want to post more guides on Emacs tools as well as some writings regarding Guix, so look forward to that on /blog.

For Hire

I'm available for hire, please visit the contact me page for ways to reach me.