My Personal Setup - ThinkPad

So my current setup is a refurbished ThinkPad x200 running Arch and using some of Luke Smith's scripts and LARBS stuff for ease of use.

I use this machine mainly for programming, writing, reading, anything offline.

The goal of this machine is for me to have complete focus when working on projects. In lieu of this I've made sure that every application that I use is offline-compatible, doesn't require a GUI, and uses a respectful license.

Recently I've taken the emacs pill and made the full switch from Vim + Pathogen to Doom Emacs. My notes have gone from being random markdown files to organized org notes with timestamps and accessible through the org agenda. Now almost everything I do is within emacs, minus things like neomutt for emails and ncurses-based scripts.

See below the full specs:

Personal Machine

MachineThinkPad x200
Storage500GB SSD
Memory4GB RAM DDR3
OSArch x86
Desktop Environmenti3 + Gaps
IDE of ChoiceDoom Emacs

It also has a night light, so yeah there's that.